Friday, 22 June 2012

My Camera is Smoking!

Painter's Palette

My camera is smoking. Why? The poor thing has been over worked lately. I'm getting a new online shop! The current shop was a bodge job I muddled together myself. It was later improved by a professional (more about him in a minute) all the good bits are thanks to Simon.

In honour of the new website I have worked my way through all the stock re-photographing everything. That was an interesting experience. There have been numerous times when I nearly threw the camera out of the window. It is all very well having a camera with the potential for full manual control but what on earth do you do with all those combinations of settings? Still, the photography is done now. My camera is lying in a darkened room with a wet flannel on its forehead.

The site is being created by Simon Kiteley of Simon is a very experienced web person. As well as the design he does all the clever stuff I don't understand. Coding, I think its called. My idea of modern technology is a double treadle spinning wheel with flyer. I mean, you don't have to stop spinning to wind on the yarn and you can sit down - how advanced is that!

If you want to acquire a website or you're not happy with your current one have a look at Simon specialises in small and medium size businesses.

The new site is looking so much better than the old one already. Much cleaner and the product images are bigger so you can really see the items. Also thanks to a more advanced camera and proper lighting the colour representation is closer to reality.

I'll let you know the new web address soon when the site is ready for unveiling!


  1. Just love your take on modern technology! Looking forward to seeing the website. Well done.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. Thanks for pointing people towards my website... I really must get around to updated it to show my latest services and portfolio but my customer's sites come first :)

  3. Wow! What a undertaking.
    Years ago, I started off with a website two twenty-year-olds designed for me. Photographing items, writing the verbiage and posting takes a lot of time.
    Can't wait to see new site.

    Congratulations to moving with the times. You should get a Smart Phone!

    1. A smart phone - I'm not that advanced!