Sunday, 10 June 2012

Icelandic Sheep

As promised, the pictures of the Icelandic sheep, I thought I'd post these separately.

Have you ever spun or knitted wool from Icelandic sheep?


  1. Gorgeous, I especially like the one in your first photo, makes me want one!!

    1. She's my favourite too, a blonde sheep!

  2. I haven't spun or knitting Icelandic but I have spun Norwegian wool which I am guessing may not be too dissimilar? Norwegian isn't the softest, next to skin yarn but it's extremely hardwearing and a good workhorse fibre and I have enjoyed spinning and knitting it.

  3. Beautiful, they have such character.

    I have spun Icelandic - from commercial roving though, but have done the range of colours - have 500g of singles waiting for a project, was thinking of a bag but there is enough for something more maybe. Loved spinning it, such a lovely long staple. I'm sure it features in my blog posts over in Spinspiration or on my blog.

  4. I've never spun Norwegian or Icelandic. The Icelandic fleece felt soft.

  5. When I first started spinning, I got some Icelandic fleece in different colours, but it didn't make it into my sampler blanket as I decided to stick with British sheep breeds. I do agree, the first sheep is a sweetie.