Friday, 29 June 2012

Love at First Treadle

I am in love. My new love is desirable in every way - looks great, feels great and delivers everything I could possibly want. I first encountered the object of my desire last October at the East Sussex Guild Exhibition. I spied the handsome creature across the crowded room and sidled up to introduce myself. After a long conversation, I was hooked. My friends nudged each other and looked sideways at us - 'she's going to take that one home with her!' They muttered. 

My new found love played hard to get. We didn't go home together that day. But hey, when you are going to enter into a long term relationship and share your home with someone you have to be sure they are the right one, don't you? 

For the next few months I fantasised about my new sweetheart. I gazed at pictures on the internet and read what other people had to say. No one had a bad word to say, except one person didn't like the unusual posture. I have to admit, I did find the slanting pose a little odd at first myself but it does make intimacy a breeze!

After several months of yearning and unfulfilled desire, we met again at Wonderwool Wales. I sneaked away from my stand before the show opened on the second day for another tryst. The lovely Martin of P and M Woolcrafts noticed how well we got along together and before I knew it Martin had my beloved ready for action and helped my whisk my darling back to my stand. I didn't feel cold for the rest of the day!

You guessed - my new love is a Lendrum spinning wheel. 

So far I have spun a Jacob batt on my new wheel. These batts are a particular favourite of mine, they are light grey with some darker fibre which gives a marbled effect. I think I've over spun the yarn though, the Lendrum treadles so effortlessly my hands didn't keep up with my feet!

Today I'm linking up with Creative Friday over at Natural Suburbia, so do click on the button below to see what everyone has has been making.


  1. Congratulations, may you have many happy spinning hours together x

  2. Eerily similar to how I feel about my serger.

  3. I hope you have lovely times with your newfound love! I am in love with my drop-spindle and am hoping to fall in love with my support spindle - both from IST crafts. I love how light and smooth his tools feel in my hands, and how tiny the yarn I make with them, is.

  4. I've seen IST at shows, they do make lovely spindles.