Monday, 23 April 2012

Wonderwool is on the Way!

I'm counting down to Wonderwool Wales. Only five days to go! Wonderwool is one of the few specialist fibre festivals in the UK, a must for fibre enthusiasts. I've never been, not even as a shopper, so this week is a scary time. I am busy preparing stock, making stock lists, counting things so I know exactly how much of each item I start out with and placing last minute orders.

I am happy to say I will have Power Scour in time for Wonderwool. Power Scour is a brilliant product especially designed for washing raw fleece and fibre. It removes the grease and dirt from raw sheep's wool, mohair and alpaca without damaging the fibre. There have been difficulties getting Power Scour but I will now have a supply in time for Wonderwool. If you are coming to Wonderwool and have raw fleeces to wash or you buy fleece at the event, come and see me on stand S7. I will have Power Scour in 473ml bottles for £11.99 and the sets where you get a 118ml bottle of Power Scour and a 118ml bottle of Fibre Rinse for £6.99. The advice on fleece sorting and washing will be free!

I am also happy to announce copies of the latest issue of YarnMaker magazine will be available on my stand. YarnMaker is essential reading for handspinners and dyers.

Power Scour will be in the shop after Wonderwool.

See you at Wonderwool on S7!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lamb Lessons

I am spending quite a lot of time lamb watching at the moment. The fields nearby resemble a nursery full of preschoolers getting up to mischief. The lambs are busy learning what it means to be a sheep, one of the first lessons is how to distinguish your Mum from all the other large white shapes. Learning to read the number painted on Mummy's side certainly helps:
Hmm 345 - you must be my Mum
If you try to sneak a drink from the wrong large white shape she may well head butt you in the ribs - ow!
Go away, you're not one of mine!

 Then there is follow the leader:

And of course - potty training:

The most important lesson is stay near Mum then all will be well with the world: