Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lamb Lessons

I am spending quite a lot of time lamb watching at the moment. The fields nearby resemble a nursery full of preschoolers getting up to mischief. The lambs are busy learning what it means to be a sheep, one of the first lessons is how to distinguish your Mum from all the other large white shapes. Learning to read the number painted on Mummy's side certainly helps:
Hmm 345 - you must be my Mum
If you try to sneak a drink from the wrong large white shape she may well head butt you in the ribs - ow!
Go away, you're not one of mine!

 Then there is follow the leader:

And of course - potty training:

The most important lesson is stay near Mum then all will be well with the world:


  1. Even as a bloke I have to admit that is Seriously Cute! Really should take girlfriend and her boy to see the lambs.

  2. Oh... wish I could be there. I love Lambing time! Sx