Friday, 10 February 2012

Southdowns in the Snow

It's Friday again, where did the week go? I promised lamb pictures and I have got some rather sooner than expected (there will be more as spring arrives). I can't do better for today's Favourite Thing on a Friday link up than to share my pictures with you. I encountered these adorable Southdowns the other day. Southdowns have the cutest faces. Look at the sheep in the background in the picture above, she knows I'm a stranger and she is curious about me. At the same time she's too nervous to approach so she's hiding behind her more confident friend.

I love the way sheep put their heads on one side when they look at you. It so clearly says, 'Hello, who are you? Have you brought me any food?'

Outside in the snow I found these Southdown lambs and their mums. The lamb on the left of the picture below has just got up and is having a big stretch, that's why he looks to be in an odd position.
Apologies for the angle with this photo: the lamb is busy at the milk bar with no thought for modesty!
I will have some better lamb pictures a bit later in the year. Now do go and see what everyone else has chosen as their Favourite Thing on a Friday!


  1. I've completely loved seeing these photos today. I absolutely love sheep. They are warm with woolly loveliness and have the most gorgeous faces. The sheep peeking out from behind her friend really makes me smile. Your description of her reminds me of me as a child! I'm looking forward to seeing more lamb and sheep pictures as we get nearer spring. Your blog is like Spring Watch of the sheep world! I love it. Em x (I'll be taking pics of my woolly blanket as soon as it's finished.)

  2. Spring Watch of the sheep world - thank you, I'm touched. Can't wait to see the blanket.

  3. I'll have to take a drive by Champoeg park next Saturday to see what lambs I can find.

  4. Wow. Lambs and snow aren't 2 things you often see together are they?
    They are the CUTEST lambs I think I've ever seen. You're right. They're so inquisitive.
    Gorgeous pics.x

  5. Oooo they are adorable! I've noticed more and more lambs are being put out in the fields down here... love to watch them skip and chase each other around the fields!

  6. Adorable, they are one of the cutest I agree. I love the way they look at you too.