Friday, 3 February 2012

ICHF Creative Stitches and Hobby Crafts Shows

Today I went to the ICHF Creative Stitches and HobbyCrafts Show at Bluewater. I did wonder if I was actually going to get there when things started going wrong this morning. I realised I needed petrol and my car tyres were soft. By the time I had filled up with petrol there was a long queue for air. Muttering unbloggables under my breath, I drove home and pumped up my tyres. By the time I’d finished, my hands were black.  

When I finally got to Bluewater my day improved immensely. I’ve never been to an ICHF show before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The Hobby Crafts Show on the lower level was very much about paper crafts and card making. I spent most of my time browsing the Creative Stitches Show upstairs. 

One highlight of the Creative Stitches Show was a display of costumes worn in the BBC drama series Downton Abbey. They had a lovely burgundy dress worn by Lady Mary Crawley and a stately gown which Maggie Smith wore as the Dowager Countess of Grantham:
The Downton Abbey costumes

Detail from Lady Mary Crawley's dress

There were a variety of stands catering for crafts such as quilting, embroidery, sewing, beading, painting and knitting. Ruth and Belinda of The Big Knit Show were there flying the flag for wool. I made a beeline for The Black Sheep. They were selling knitting yarns and drawing quite a crowd. I’m afraid I gave in to temptation and came away with a ball of Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn and a skein of Noro Yuzen. I have no idea what I will make with them. 

One of my favourite stands was that of The Guild of Silk Painters. They had some amazing work on display including this robe:
Hand painted silk robe


In the afternoon I went to a talk by Helen Deighan on dyeing. I thought the talk was very interesting as Helen focussed mainly on dyeing cotton fabric, something I have never tried. She has a fuss free approach and makes dyeing sound easy. I was fascinated to learn how to rainbow dye a strip of fabric. Maybe, just maybe, I will try it.

I’m linking up with Mimi and Tilly’s Favourite Thing on a Friday so do go and see what other people have been up to!


  1. It sounds like an amazing day. I love the costumes from the drama Downton Abbey. The detail on that burgundy dress is gorgeous. I can't even begin to imagine how they painted on silk so beautifully. Thanks for joining in iwth FTOF, I've loved seeing your favourite things. Em x

  2. I was taking a nap this afternoon and was lazily flipping channels: I found our local channel broadcasting a show on Sheep Shearing - in Clackamas County. I'd give you the link but it doesn't open up to watch on demand. This is my county and my town! (Canby, Oregon)
    Thanks to you, I am now watching Doc Harms get his sheep sheared! ( I know Doc Harms as well!)
    There was a gal from Silverton, Oregon shearing. - Didn't catch her name.

    Downton Abbey dresses: I AM SO JEALOUS. I love the beautiful dresses.

  3. Glad to hear I've got a sheep shearing convert!! That's interesting there was a girl shearing.

  4. ... I didn't know you were at Bluewater. I would have hugged you, if I had know. :0)

    Ruth and I are setting up a new project called For the record; conversations over knitting - please check it out.

    And please send an offering. We are asking people to knit a 10cm x 10cm bias block (instructions - easy peasy - on our site), download a little tag and fill in the empty inside of the card with your thoughts as you knit the bias block.

    We want to capture the 'voice of the knitter' - we launch it at the NEC ICHF show in Birmingham.

    Please tell everyone about it - it's going national in a few weeks. We hope to get hundreds of square and words.

    best to you and yours

  5. Sorry I missed you. The voice of the knitter project sounds great, I'll have a look. x