Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sheep Shearing Course

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I am getting very excited about next week!  I have only just realised the big event is next week, I had meant to get fit in preparation.  Well, I have been digging up the allotment and walking, not to mention the odd bit of alpaca and sheep wrangling.  But I haven't been following a particular fitness regime, just increasing my exercise levels.  Why?  Because next week I am booked on a sheep shearing course!  

I did this course three years ago.  I had never handled a sheep in my life then and I wasn't at all fit so I found it really hard.  Now I've helped out over a couple of shearing seasons and done some dagging and foot trimming in the winters so I've got more experience.  Last time I did the course I was due to go on holiday so I only did two days, this year I will be attending all three days.  Three days in a row of shear hard work (couldn't resist the pun).  I just hope my body will keep up with what my mind wants to achieve. 

I am sadly short of pictures however here I am shearing last year.  Apologies for the poor image quality - lanolin and camera lenses aren't a great combination!
I'll let you know how I get on!
For more information on UK shearing courses see the Wool Board website here.


  1. Sounds like a great opportunity! Hope it's fun and helpful for you!

  2. That looks like fun! I have never sheared sheep before. But it looks fun. :) I once spun my own yarn. I was about 8. It was wonky! haha Anywho. I realized that you do not have a link to you shop on the sidebar. I recently added it to my blog, and I think it helped my traffic a bit. Email me if you have any questions about it!

  3. Just realized that you do not have an etsy shop. My apologies! :)

  4. The first yarn you spin is always wonky! It's like learning to drive a car, coordinating your hands and feet. It gets easier with practice. I'll add a link to the shop now.