Friday, 11 May 2012


Here in the UK we are officially in a drought. There is a hose pipe ban. It hasn't stopped raining for at least a month. How does that work? 

The result of all this wet weather is sadly Plumpton College Open Day has been cancelled. It's a shame. I won't get to wear the red vest this time. But the ground is sodden and having hundreds of cars and pairs of feet chewing up the grazing and turning the sheep's dinner into a swamp is not a good idea. Sometimes in life you can't achieve your goals because of things beyond your control. 

Now, maybe I'll go to the allotment and see how my crop of carp are doing!


  1. Oh what a shame about the show, I would imagine the rain is hampering shearing unless farms have enough covered space for the sheep to dry off first.

    Apparently it's not the right sort of rain and not enough, although I think we are all fed up of it now. looking forward to a dry weekend this weekend here, not lasting once next week starts again though.

  2. You're right, you can't shear wet sheep. Let's hope we see a bit of sun over the weekend.

  3. You have a crop of carp???
    Like you eat them?
    Big goldfish-looking Carp?

    1. Sorry Kathy I was being sarcastic, my allotment is so wet the only thing likely to grow there at the moment is fish. I haven't actually got any carp - but yeah I meant the big goldfish.