Friday, 2 September 2011

Fibrefest 2011

It’s been a bit mad getting straight after Fibrefest but I am back to normal now.  It was good to see familiar faces again and make new friends.  My stand was opposite Atomic Knitting’s so I got to chat to Emma, the owner of Atomic Knitting, in the lulls.  Emma makes lovely stitch markers.  I also met Jamie Lewis who makes lovely hand felted hats, animals and other items.  There were too many people to mention everyone.  

I did meet up again with Paul and Mandy Brittain of Classic Carders, I was next to them at Fibre East.  If you are looking for a drum carder I recommend you try Classic Carders. Paul makes all of the drum carders himself by hand from real wood.  The feature I really like about the carders is Paul makes them with interchangeable drums.  With other manufacturers if you want a fine and a coarse drum carder you have to buy two but with Classic Carders the drum just lifts out and you can put in either a fine or coarse drum depending on your project.

I was very restrained on the shopping front, the only thing I bought was some gorgeous dyed silk from Oliver Twists.  Their stall was along from mine and the temptation was just too much. 

 The picture doesn't do the subtle colours justice.  I'm looking forward to spinning this!


  1. I love all the blues & greens, aquas, and teals. My favorite combination.

  2. It sounds like you had a great time. I love hearing about what you do. You're teaching me so much.

    And the colors remind me of the ocean. Nice choice!

  3. oh, I got some of that, too. probably the same batch, looking at the colours! It's a mammoth spinning task as I'm spinning it fine in the hope of doing a lacy shawl. But I don't spin very often!

  4. I haven't started spinning it yet but I want to go fine as well.