Friday, 8 July 2011

Hand painting yarn

Today I have been dyeing.  I have only used natural dyes before so this is my first venture into acid dyeing.  I ordered my Landscape Dyes from Wingham Wool Work on Wednesday and the dyes arrived the next day.  That’s what I call service!  The Wingham Wool Work website gave dire warnings to allow 14 days so I was extra pleased with the fast delivery.  

When you watch the many youtube videos on hand painting yarns and sliver it looks so easy.  I managed to drip dye all over the kitchen, the bathroom and everywhere in between.  When I was dyeing a long piece of sliver I had the roll of cling film on the floor, I failed to noticed the dye was running down the clingfilm and pooling on the floor.  I think I used way too much dye. 

Here’s my first hand painted skein

This is what happens when you get carried away and forget to put the gloves on:

They call it hand painted yarn for a reason.  And no it hasn’t washed off yet.

Once the yarn is dry I will show you the finished results!


  1. eep! The color is pretty if that makes a difference!

  2. LOL great colour, oops. I wouldn't call it a ruined t-shirt, I would call it a dyeing t-shirt so you don't ruin anything else next time!

  3. I'm amazed! Gorgeous, totally worth the blue fingers! I can't wait to see more.

  4. But the gloves don't give you that tactile experience.
    (My fingers are usually red)

  5. Good point Kathy! Glad I'm not the only one.