Friday, 11 March 2011

Getting my rams in a row

This week I went to a networking event hosted by the Invicta Chamber of Commerce.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I was rather afraid I might come away talking about blue face thinking, getting my rams in a row and the need to think outside the Prattley.  Feeling like a Romney ewe who has wandered in with the beef cattle I made a start at this thing called ‘networking’. 

It seemed to be de rigueur to exchange business cards with everyone else, I found myself fumbling around in my handbag for business cards still in the printer’s box.  After all, if I run the cards free range in my handbag they’ll be dog eared in no time.  I watched what everyone else did and noticed most people had their cards tucked into a suit jacket pocket and were highly competent at whisking one out.  Note to self:  next time wear a suit with pockets.  I’ve always assumed the pockets on my suit jacket are utterly useless since they aren’t big enough for a Swiss Army knife and a length of bailer twine.  Now I know.

People were approachable and really helpful.  The room was packed with collective experience; I came away feeling energised and less alone.  If you run or are thinking of running a business which, like mine, is literally warm and fluffy, you may feel reluctant to attend business networking events, however I’d definitely recommend you do.  Try contacting your local Chamber of Commerce, there are events you can attend without being a member and you never know, you may meet someone who has a pet sheep or an alpaca in their back garden!

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