Monday, 6 December 2010

Robbie the Ram

I've just added some pictures, they're a bit grainy because they were taken on my mobile, but they bring back memories.  I went to the Royal Welsh Show in the Summer, to see the Golden Shears World Championship sheep shearing competition.  I was wandering round the sheep sheds, admiring the Welsh breeds, when I heard a shout of:  'Oi, come back 'ere!'  

Such a cry in a sheep shed can only mean one thing - an escapee.  I  rushed to the rescue.  An older gentleman was standing  between the rows of pens watching his prize Kerry Hill ram trot away to freedom.  Now Builth Wells is a huge show ground and extremely busy, not the place you want to be chasing a loose sheep.  I raced down my aisle in a vain attempt to intercept the ram, but by the time I got to the elderly farmer, he was busy barricading the recalcitrant Robbie into his pen with a bale of hay, which Robbie thought rather delicious.

Having wrestled with many an escapee in my time, I still cannot work out how the farmer achieved this, Robbie must have weighed in at not less than ten stone and had  had a considerable head start. In addition, there was no one else nearby.  I can only conclude that what seemed an ineffectual response, ordering the ram to return, had worked.    

You can admire the handsome Robbie below.

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